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  • Adjustable Plastic Pedestal

    Adjustable Plastic Pedestal

    Xinyuan adjustable plastic pedestal is made of PP, anti-UV, talc etc. Adjustable plastic pedestals are mainly used for paver tiles and decking joist supports.Our products are available in 2 separate series ,XY-P series for paver tiles and XY-T series for decking boards joist. With high quality and wide height range, designers and archit
  • Fixed Pedestal

    Fixed Pedestal

    Fixed height pedestal paver system is a better method of supporting pavers over waterproof surfacess with very little slope. The supports are designed to be stack-able. Fixed height pedestals are widely used in support the paving tiles indoor and outdoor, such as indoor rooms, lobby, balcony, roofing, public square etc.
  • Slope Corrector

    Slope Corrector

    Xinyuan slope corrector is assembled on the top of the pedestals, by simply rotating the upper disc to adjust the slope. When substructure has a slope, it can be used to compensate the slope to make a perfect leveling on the floor surface.