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Yiwu Xinyuan Universal Support Of The Introduction
Oct 11, 2017


  Universal support system by our adjustable base of the various components of the formation of the support device is built, often domestic stakeholders called "universal support", also known as "adjustable support base", because of its physical stability and Flexible and convenient, is widely used in architectural decoration and industrial applications, to support all kinds of overhead plane profile.

   Universal support system is derived from Germany's innovative products, the use of the latest high-density polypropylene to add special ingredients of raw materials to make it with high strength, anti-aging, high temperature and low temperature, corrosion resistance, long life and many other features, a wide range of applications In the indoor and outdoor needs of the overhead compartment of the engineering case.

Universal Support System Main applications:

   1. The laying of preservative wood or plastic flooring in outdoor gardening works.

   2. Marble plane laying

   3. Fountain water project

   4. Various types of plate height applications


     Compared to the traditional process is widely used after the completion of the laying of concrete after the use of concrete landfill leveling after loading the decorative surface layer, universal support system so that all this becomes more simple and fast, the laying of the pipeline more flexible, the construction progress more quickly, The most important thing is the post-maintenance convenience and maintenance damage reduction, making it more widely used for larger construction units and important projects.


   The industrial applications of the support system are basically in the field of natural stone, wood tiles, pavement or decorative traditional items. The universal support system is a strong and powerful feature that makes it the first choice for steel, fiberglass or other decorative industrial applications. Universal support is very durable, waterproof, can provide excellent drainage system for the project, a wide range of applications, including ventilation wells, air conditioning, power pipes, gas and water pipes.

1. Green

  Yiwu Xinyuan universal support main material for the polypropylene manufacturing, 100% recyclable.

2. High loadability

  Yiwu Xin Yuan universal support can carry a weight of 1500-2000 kg, so the scope of a wider range of applicable.

3. Physical properties are stable

  The long-term application evaluation, Yiwu Xin Yuan universal support with good insulation, anti-aging, long life, strength and stability of the physical properties, weather resistance, free from the surrounding environment, hot and humid, wet effects, a wide range of applications.

4. Installation fast, easy maintenance

  Yiwu Xin Yuan universal support to change the traditional concrete pouring, effectively shorten the process, while favorable to improve the maintenance of the buried pipeline maintenance.

5. Reduce the load on the building

  Yiwu Xinyuan universal support to replace the solid weight of the traditional pouring, effectively reducing the building, building load.


   Yiwu Xinyuan universal support, can adapt to various types of laying conditions, the support system can be used in any material on the relatively flat surface.

1. Marble, stone laying

    As the marble, stone surface in the decoration of different types of patterns and shape size design, the use of Yiwu Xin Yuan universal support can be adjusted according to the design to use a variety of shapes; marble, stone installation replacement is different from the traditional pavement, Can be very convenient to carry out; through the support system of the separation module, bringing excellent drainage performance, to prevent the stone surface area of water, to speed up the drying speed; use Yiwu Xin Yuan universal support, the marble, stone in an overhead state, Late repair and rectification is more convenient;

2. Application of water features

    Can be used according to the shape and size of materials such as tiles in water features; different materials can be mixed with the use of supporting materials after the system; excellent waterproof anti-aging physical properties, so that the support system in the use of water features more ease; Especially recommended in the water spray landscape, the pool, dry pool, shallow pool, stage, bonsai, natural, water curtain and other fountain types can be used effectively and quickly; to facilitate water projects in the water pipes, lighting and other application facilities, installation and installation maintain

3. The laying of wood flooring

   With the Yiwu Xinyuan universal support in the keel components, can be effectively used in outdoor gardening in the construction of plastic wood structure, through the 5% slope adjustment structure and a combination of different height, effectively help the construction of plastic floor.

4. Platform, stand construction

    Yiwu Xinyuan universal support can be reused to adapt to various types of exhibition booth structures to rebuild and reduce costs; through the support system can quickly build and dismantle the platform booth; a variety of load shape design of the booth, the platform can be supported by Yiwu Xinyuan Easy to build; easy to use construction; through the use of Yiwu Xin Yuan universal support of the transparent base, with the glass floor and lighting effects of organic combination.

5. Flooring support laying

    Suitable for all types of industrial flooring, large area of the bulk of the floor laying, fast and convenient, while reducing costs; due to excellent weather resistance, you can use and most of the industrial floor laying area; replacement replacement, easy maintenance; Post-maintenance and maintenance will be.

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