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XINYUAN Adjustable Pedestals FAQS
May 31, 2018

Installing XINYUAN Adjustable Plastic Pedestals – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of decking materials can be used with XINYUAN pedestals?

A: XINYUAN pedestals can be used with any kind of decking material including: stone, granite, marble, hydra-pressed concrete, wood, composites, industrial grating, ceramic and wood tiles.

Q: What makes the material surfaces look uniform?
A: Spacer tabs create a uniform gap between the slabs placed on top of the pedestals. The tabs are available in different widths, depending on the space required. The following widths are available: 2, 3, 5 or 10 mm.

Q: My tiles are not uniform in thickness will this cause a problem?
Shims are available to adjust small differences in tile thickness. They are available in 1 and 2 mm thickness and are placed directly on top of the pedestals.

Q: Do the pedestals need assembly?
A: Yes, they need to be put together, which could be to adjust for the correct height.

Q: How do I adjust for height?
A: Adding couplers is used for increasing the height. The coupler is equipped with a safety clip system to avoid unscrewing.

Q: How do I adjust the pedestal for slope?

A: it is possible to build a perfectly level surface on top of the pedestals by rotating the top of the slope corrector.It’s possible to adjust the slope  in 1.0 increments between 0 and 5% with the value showing up in the window on top.

Q. How many pcs of pedestal do I need for each SQM? 

A:For tiles: 

Tile Size


600 x 600 mm

2.8  PCS

500 x 500 mm

4   PCS

400 x 400 mm

6.3  PCS

For decking boards: 

Each SQM needs 4-5 pcs of pedestal for standard installation.