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What Is A Universal Supporter?
Sep 11, 2017

Support is a new type of building materials, its main material is PP high-density polypropylene, its main characteristics: high strength, anti-aging, long life, high frequency insulation performance, weather resistance, not affected by hot and cold humidity products performance, products are mainly used in construction and industrial fields, It can solve the problems of special construction and post maintenance work. With the development of the Times, the universal support not only used in the construction field, but also more use in the landscape design, multi-functional product design to the designers Unlimited imagination Space, is a modern architectural engineering and industrial use of a new building materials.
Stone support-used in marble, garden stone to pave the use of stone support, marble and garden stone in the elevated state, you can easily and quickly buried pipelines and later maintenance.
Waterscape Stone Support-applied to the landscape waterscape stone laying according to the landscape designer design concepts and requirements, combined with the size and shape of stone use of the support device. The properties of high density polypropylene material determine the water resistance, anti-aging and service life of the supporting device. In the landscape fountain, shallow pool, dry spray, water curtain to be widely used.
Waterscape support is conducive to the laying of water pipes, lighting and other pipelines, while conducive to the installation and maintenance of construction pipelines.