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What Can A Universal Supporter Solve?
Sep 11, 2017

1, Waterscape, fountain facilities is one of the indispensable projects in landscape engineering, do the fountain and Waterscape project, because the following pipeline complex, the traditional construction technology is to irrigate the pipeline inside the concrete, and some even exposed its outside, so that the maintenance of the late works to bring a lot of problems, beautiful effect is also extremely poor.
2, the outdoor wood floor commonly uses the traditional construction craft to lay, because the long time and the ground contact rain, the wood perishable, even if does not rot also will be distorted by the damp and the distortion, moreover the traditional craft lays the wood floor height to have the limit, otherwise will have the security hidden trouble. The traditional craft not only satisfies the modern construction engineering request, moreover the esthetic degree also greatly reduces, has reduced the wooden floor the practical life seriously.
3. In the renovation of old buildings, because the weight of the building itself is limited, if the use of traditional construction technology large-amount of use of reinforced concrete construction, the building itself has serious harm, and the construction is inconvenient and difficult, also not conducive to the late engineering maintenance, the product not only to reduce weight, installation convenient, Greatly shorten the duration, also will not affect the normal work of customers.