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Removal conditions of formwork support frame
Sep 11, 2017

The erection and removal of formwork support frame should fit the following request:

(1) formwork support frame erection should be combined with the template construction, using adjustable base or adjustable support to adjust the bottom mold elevation.

(2) According to the construction plan of the missile line orientation, placed adjustable base after departure according to the first pole after the bar and then oblique pole of the erection sequence.

(3) The construction of multi-storey building floors, should ensure that the grassroots support on the same axis.

(4) Set up in the construction of the floor, the table, should be the floor or the table and other structural bearing capacity for checking.

(5) The removal of formwork support frame should fit the relevant provisions of concrete strength in the gb50204-2002 "Construction quality acceptance standard of concrete construction project" (2011 edition).

(6) The removal of the frame should be carried out according to the removal order of the construction plan design.