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Universal Support For The Solution Of The Water Features Stone Pan Alkali
Sep 11, 2017

The ordinary concrete is silicate, meets the air or the water vapor in the wall body, the hydrolysis reaction of silicic acid ions, the formation of hydrogen and oxygen root and metal ions together to form a small solubility of the hydroxide (chemical properties of alkaline), encountered the rise in temperature, evaporation of water vapor, the hydroxide from the wall of precipitation, with the gradual evaporation of moisture, The hydroxide is precipitated in the concrete cement surface, accumulate, make the originally decorate paint or paint etc. thing to be top up, no longer adhesion wall surface, happen to be suffused with white, peeling, shedding, this process is called "Pan-alkali", commonly known as "Hua".

Water fountain is the most afraid of the pan-alkali, a pan-alkali water waterscape effect of the overall discount, the main characteristics of the pan-alkali: plate local deepening, gloss dim, the plate joints and precipitation of white crystals, long-term does not fade, seriously affect the appearance.

This kind of problem, everyone is the construction of the "builders" know the trouble of cement! The use of universal support, will completely solve the problem has been worried about the building water fountain pan alkali:

The use of universal support stone is through "universal support" overhead, stone and ground between the aerial, cement and stone to cut off the pan-alkali problem, there is a 2-10mm water gap between the stone, through the gap evenly through the circulation up, so that the Waterscape crystal clear, Old technology is cement mortar wet paste that is the direct factor leading to the pan-alkali.