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Universal Support Features, Advantages And Specific Applications
Dec 22, 2017

Universal support: is a kind of new building materials imported from Europe, the main material for high density polypropylene, its main features: high strength, aging resistance, long service life, high insulation performance, strong weatherability, hot and cold wet impact on product performance, supporting device is composed of an adjustable base and a rotary joint connected. Support for the wide application and can be applied to building wood floor and landscape anticorrosive wood can also be used for overhead laying, empty landscape waterscape stone laying, also used in the exhibition booth construction and industrial areas. It can solve the problems of special building construction and later maintenance. Multi-functional product design gives designers unlimited imagination, which is a brand-new building material for modern architectural engineering and industrial applications.

The advantages of the universal support are:

1. installation is fast, beautiful, and manual cost low; save about 1 / 2 installation time and labor cost.

2. position and height can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the construction situation; the gradient of 0-5% can be adjusted.

3. light weight (compared with traditional cement piers), but high load bearing and high safety.

4. using modified PP material, waterproof, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, UV stability, chemical resistance and long service life.

5. insulation, sound insulation, reduce noise transmission.

6. stone not extensive, does not destroy the water.

7. easy to repair and clean up the sundries at the bottom of the stone floor.

8. material is environmentally friendly, recyclable, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, anti ultraviolet.

 Universal support, as a new type of practical material, is mainly used for building engineering and industrial field. It solves some problems of special engineering construction and later maintenance work, and is a new and environmentally friendly auxiliary material for modern architectural engineering and industrial applications. And it can be paving under various shapes. The practical function is strong and the prospect is worth looking forward to.

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