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What Is Universal Support?
Sep 30, 2017

Universal support is introduced from Europe, a new type of building materials, the main material for high-density polypropylene, its main features: high strength, aging resistance, long life, strong weather resistance, free from hot and cold moisture and other advantages. The support is composed of an adjustable base and a rotatable joint, with the middle of which is the heightened part, which can be increased by adding the screw and adjusting the height. The main accessories are separators, gaskets and keel brackets.

According to its specific application, can be divided into: stone support; water view stone support; timber support; booth support.

1, square stone support

Marble, granite and other types of slate can support, mainly for pedestrian square, pedestrian street.

Stone in an overhead state, you can quickly and easily buried pipeline and the latter part of the maintenance.

2, water features stone support

Mainly square, office buildings, gardens and other places fountain dry burning stone, fountain pool, hydrostatic surface, flat water features stone support.

Waterproof, anti-aging, life and other superior performance. Water view support is conducive to water in the water pipes, lighting and other pipeline laying, while the construction pipeline is conducive to the installation and maintenance.

3, wood support

Mainly the construction of wooden platforms for preserving wood, flooring, wood and other wood panels in roof gardens, balconies, gardens and garden areas

4, the construction of the Expo booth

Exhibition platform to build: all kinds of physical surface materials can be carried. High loadability, modified PP material, no security risks

The booth support is easy to construct and the installation cost is low. At the same time, it can meet the temporary stand and permanent stand. With the booth support to lay the booth fast, easy to dismantle and thus widely used in indoor and outdoor booth structures. Because the use of booth support when the booth below the temporary pipeline easy to build, laying the pipeline quickly and easily solve a lot of practical problems on the spot.

5, the advantages of universal support

Change the traditional construction methods, abandon the traditional cement column and cement soil compaction practice, the use of universal support. Construction is quick and easy, short cycle.

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