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Universal Support
Dec 18, 2017

Universal support: in foreign countries it is called: adjustable base or adjustable elevated base into the country is called the "universal support for" I don't know why, perhaps to call more fluently, perhaps to highlight its versatility, exaggeration certainly, but its usefulness and do a lot of benefits. First of all, the main raw material is PP - Polypropylene: high strength, aging resistance, long life, resistant to a variety of organic solvents and acid and alkali corrosion. It bears the harshest extreme weather and ultraviolet radiation, providing excellent stability. Moreover, green environmental protection, 100 percent recyclable, and the national energy-saving emission reduction, green environmental concept echoes. And its finished product: universal support, bearing strength and durable high, working temperature: from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. It is mainly used for construction and industrial use. Since 80s, it has been widely used in Europe and America and is popular. It was an innovative building product at that time. It has an accurate height adjustment, easy assembly, strong durability, free installation of the pipe system, good insulation performance and no freezing layer. It is used in many aspects such as: construction, wood floor terrace, landscape, Waterscape, wharf deck, roof garden, static water, fountain springs dry spray, wood preservative, overhead grille, air permeable plate garden, courtyard landscape and terrace, interactive dancing water fountain, roof insulation. The application of other places: the temporary stage of the indoor elevated floor (large activities and exhibitions), and the industrial floor. There are also: the laying of anticorrosive wood in outdoor gardening engineering, the plane of marble and the overhead frame of various types of plank. The advantage of its advantage lies in:

1. excellent hidden pipes and equipment.

2. significantly reduce the weight of buildings and buildings: the construction structure is substantially reduced in cost.

3. is easy to find and easy to make.

4. fast drainage.

5. the effect of heat preservation is good.

6. effectively solve the water mark and white blooms.

7. good sound insulation.

8. installation speed is fast.

9. green and green.

10. can be done on the ground of any material

11. solve the sudden change design

12. construction is not affected by the weather

13. reduce long-term maintenance costs

14. reduce the cost of cleaning, replacement, and overhaul

15. configuration and maintenance of convenient pipeline

The high quality products with high quality, simple and cost-effective materials: environmental protection Recyclable with convenient installation; accelerate the construction speed; free display precision is high; the convenience of pipeline lamp maintenance, easy to clean the bottom of stone debris; corrosion, aging, long service life. With the development of the times and the continuous innovation of technology, the future architectural design will also have more air gardens, terraces and waterscape. So the universal support will be applied to various architectural designs on a large scale. In fact, the structure of the universal support device is also very simple, the appearance is also ordinary, maybe some people have seen it and say, "how big is the effect of such a thing?" Is it introduced abroad? " But life, innovation is also the same, simple does not mean the rough, simple and practical and convenient environmental protection this is innovation, contains wisdom. We should be good at discovering its role, and discovering the changes it brings, the opportunities and the wealth. This is the "mystery of the universal support".