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Universal support plastic Wood, anti-corrosion wood New stent
Sep 11, 2017

Wood materials, is a building material in recent years, in the domestic development of rapid. It has anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-fungal, pest ant, mildew and waterproof characteristics, can be used in complex environment. Can be used in the outdoor flooring, engineering, landscape, anti-corrosion wood flower racks, etc., for people to rest and enjoy the natural beauty, is the outdoor flooring, landscape, wood swing, entertainment facilities, Wood Plank Road, such as the ideal material.

Wood building materials are mainly: wood, plastic wood, anti-corrosion wood and so on. Although it has many advantages, but the installation should pay attention to some problems. Installation method is more cumbersome, to plastic wood installation For example: 1, fixed plastic wood keel. 2. Fixed the floor one by one. The floor may be damaged during installation.

Wood Support-applied to wood flooring, landscape anti-corrosion wood laying: Suitable for various shapes, sizes of wood flooring and landscape anti-corrosion wood laying.
Because the wood support device construction is convenient, the installation cost is low, the maintenance is convenient, simultaneously the floor and the antiseptic wood is easy to lay all kinds of construction pipeline, the pipeline repairs conveniently thus obtains many landscape designer's recommended use.

Universal support is a new type of building materials introduced from Europe, its main characteristics: high strength, anti-aging, long life, strong weather resistance, not affected by hot and cold and other advantages. The use of modified PP materials, waterproof, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, chemical resistance, long service life. With keel bracket, can be used for the high laying of plastic wood overhead frame, can be used for roof garden, balcony courtyard, scenic area and the terrace.