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The Main Advantage Of Universal Support
Sep 30, 2017

As a new type of building material from Europe - universal support. From the material, use, has a lot of advantages.

   1. Green

       The main material is made of polypropylene, 100% recyclable.

   2. High loadability

     Can carry more than 2 tons of weight, can support stone, wood and pedestrian. So the scope of application is broad

   3. Physical properties are stable

     Long-term application evaluation, universal support with good insulation, anti-aging, long life, strength and stability of the physical properties, strong weather resistance, free from the surrounding environment, hot and cold, wet impact.

   4. Installation fast, easy maintenance

        Change the traditional concrete pouring, effectively shorten the process, while the construction is not affected by the weather, especially rain and snow. At the same time is conducive to improving the maintenance of the buried pipeline maintenance.

   5. Reduce the load on the building

     Instead of a solid weight of the traditional pouring, effectively reducing the weight of buildings, buildings.

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