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The Application And Characteristics Of The Support Device
Sep 11, 2017

Support is widely used in waterscape fountain, roof balcony garden and other fields, supporting the aerial stone flooring, wood-plastic floor keel. Since its inception, the company has been active innovation, continuous improvement of products, to give architects and contractors unlimited space to achieve all kinds of creativity, welcomed by the market at home and abroad, by Europe, the Americas, Australia and China many projects recognized and adopted!

The advantages of the support:
1. The installation is quick, beautiful, the labor cost is low;
2. Position and height can be adjusted according to the construction situation;
3. The weight is lighter than the cement pier, but the load bearing can reach 2 tons, the safety is high;
4. The use of PP materials, waterproof, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life;
5. The stone material does not pan alkali, does not destroy the water quality;
6. To facilitate the maintenance of late-stage pipe lamps, cleaning debris at the bottom of stone;
7. Material environmental protection, recyclable.