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Shenzhen City Star Chi Hui Bao
Dec 23, 2017

Shenzhen City Star Chi Hui Bao

The star of Shenzhen Bao Chi Hui City Department of Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, large window, Qianhai airport is located in the hinterland of dual core, "107 gold business zone", enjoy the Guangdong Bay area, Qianhai, the three regional good airport. And the 107 National Road, will be New York Fifth Avenue, Paris Champs Elysees as the blueprint, to create "second deep South Avenue."

Treasure Star Chi Hui City gathered high-end industrial development office, supporting smart apartment, large centralized commercial multiple formats in one, with wisdom to build business philosophy, ingenuity created every detail.

The magnificent building outside building a water fountain is natural have a unique style, elegant and magnificent.

The pursuit of excellence, Po Chi Hui City with professional technology, first-class quality of the Xinyuan universal support.