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Introduction To The Adjustable Support Device
Sep 11, 2017

The adjustable support pads are ideal for our construction industry as they can be adjusted upwards and downwards to create flatness, save a lot of time and labor. Available from 35 mm to 880 mm high, support pads can also be provided with a smaller adjustable support in 22-30 mm and our new adjustment in the form of 28-37 mm.

More roof and balcony designs combine to completely flatten the upper surface and use them more effectively as a lounge area. Can be used to a much larger variety of different stone and slab shapes, using our support to achieve more attractive and spiritual facets of the paved surface

Useful, practical areas can be created on deck or in casual service and maintenance, which will have previously been left as an exposed waterproof membrane. This not only helps to protect potentially vulnerable areas, but increases the building area output.

As this is a suspension system, the roof needs to be inspected for damage or leaks when the board can simply be lifted and there is a chance to hide unsightly objects such as cables, pipes and drains underneath the paving floor tiles, if needed to be lifted or even just to access items such as electrical spots hidden or faucet regularly

The rainwater runs between the lower surface and can be placed in a small water tank to collect certain rainwater in the roof garden. This helps its design philosophy (though it will lead to the larger weight of course),

The support pad consists of four parts: a base plate, a threaded stem, a nut fixing and a head finish locating the lug. The nut is fixed just to twist to the bottom and rotate up or down the height of the change. Such very precise and irregular changes to the deck level can be achieved, the thread can rotate the dimensions of the 35MM height.

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