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Chengdu Longhu Listen To The Blue Bay Adjustable Support Pedestal
Nov 01, 2017

           Longhu · listening to the Blue Bay is located in Chengdu, North 3.5 ring gold corridor living zone, in Chengdu, the main axis of the people of the road north of the area Dafeng plate. Chengdu 3.5 ring will become a ring outside the ring, the city's important traffic ring, the industry known as Chengdu's new "golden corridor."


     In listening to the Blue Bay, Longhu once again break through their own, first made the park, and then build a house. To the park as the core, the building in accordance with the park poetic arrangement, as the park in the free growth of the dwelling place. Longhu · listen to the Blue Bay full extraction of the essence of life in the island, to create a "shallow water for the soul, flower island for the shape" as the theme of the city island living area, dedicated to a shallow water island in Chengdu.

        Longhu to listen to the Blue Bay to create a beautiful water scene, the choice is Xin Yuan  adjustable support pedestal.



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