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Adjustable Plastic Pedestal Compared With The Traditional Process
Feb 07, 2018

In the supporters before the construction of squares, fountains, generally use marble, granite and other stone, for the laying of stone, usually soil and cement compaction, or pouring cement. What changes after the supporter?

1, reduce costs, shorten the construction period. Traditional technology, large amount, high cost. And cement solidification takes time, need special maintenance. In case of rain, delay the construction period. Universal support low cost, good height, you can install. Affected by the weather is small, rainy days can also be installed.

2, increase the convenience Universal support by the adjustable base and rotatable joint connection, the middle is the increase of pieces, increase increase pieces, rotating thread to adjust the height you want. Can be installed anywhere, just smooth the ground. The traditional cement pouring, highly difficult to control, too high and too low, will be very troublesome.

3, beautiful traditional crafts, laying a high degree of ups and downs, the gap between the stone and stone vary, to spend manual inspection. The universal supporter uses the separator to keep the seam, to ensure the overall beauty and unity. Paving, the use of level, adjust the increase of pieces, or pad gasket to reduce the error, to ensure smooth.

4, drainage and water storage support will be overhead stone, there is a lot of space below the water storage, and the separation of pieces to stay, superior drainage of stone surface, no significant water.

5, Baihua overhead stone, stone and cement to avoid direct contact with the ground, thus avoiding the pan-alkali phenomenon.

6, repair and maintenance Using traditional technology, pipeline maintenance is too much trouble, it is labor-intensive, while spending time and building materials. If you use universal support, just open the stone can be quick and easy, save costs.

7, the main material of environmental supporter is modified PP, high carrying capacity, long life, can be used in various environments, at the same time can be recycled.