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100 Square Meters Of Universal Support Dry Spray How Construction Completed Within A Day
Feb 07, 2018

Dry fountain, also called dry fountain, dry fountain, referred to dry spray. It refers to the fountain facilities placed in the ground, sprinklers and lights set below the stone cover. When not spraying, it can be used by pedestrians to walk without hindering traffic. Dryland fountain neither account for the leisure space, but also fountains, providing visitors with water near the venue.

However, how to lift the stone slab up has always been a key issue that plagues the construction of the dry jet. Traditional dry-spray construction methods commonly used cement pile overhead

This method of construction, at least 100 square meters half a month to build it, then how to quickly solve the construction problem?

Yiwu Xinyuan Technology Co.,Ltd.  universal support for all the "pier" in the factory production is completed, transported directly to the scene, you can quickly install,

The worker only needs to install the universal supporter and the marble material on site. Skilled workers, two people, can install hundreds of square feet in one day.

Now understand why other people's projects can be completed so quickly