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​Yiwu Xinyuan pedestals support system applications
Feb 04, 2018

Yiwu Xinyuan Technology Co.,Ltd. support system applications

Can adapt to various types of laying conditions, can also be used on the relatively flat surface of any material.

Marble, stone laying

l marble, stone surface in the decoration of different types of patterns and shape size design, the use of universal support system can be adjusted according to the design so that it can use a variety of shapes;

l marble, stone installation replacement is different from the traditional pavement, can be very convenient to carry out;

l through the support system of the separation module, bringing excellent drainage performance, to prevent water surface stone, speed up the drying rate;

After using the universal support system, the marble and stone are in an overhead state, and the embedded pipelines and post-repair rectification are more convenient;

2. Waterscape project application

l can be used according to the shape and size of tiles and other materials in water landscape projects;

l different materials, decorative materials can be mixed through the support system;

l excellent physical properties of waterproof anti-aging, the support system in the waterscape project more ease;

l Particularly recommended for use in the fountain landscape, pool, drought pool, shallow pool, stage, bonsai, nature, water curtain and other types of fountains can be effective and quick to use;

l facilitate the construction of water projects, water pipes, lighting and other construction and installation and maintenance

3. Plastic wood floor laying

l With the keel components of the universal support system, the construction of WPC structure in outdoor gardening can be effectively used

l Through 5% of the slope adjustment structure and different height combinations, effectively help WPC floor structure

Yiwu Xinyuan Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of deck and floor pedestal. We are innovative company, established in 2013 and located in Yiwu city, China. With high quality, simple design and outstanding service, Our pedestals have been exported to many countries worldwide, especially have built good cooperation with Australia, America, German company etc.

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