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What is the universal support
Dec 19, 2017

What is the universal support? The landscape architect has seen it

What is the universal support? The landscape designer has seen it. The main material of the universal support is PP polypropylene, which is characterized by high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and environmental protection. The height adjustment range is 12.5~1200mm, the slope adjustment range is 0-5%. It is widely used in Waterscape fountain, roof terrace garden, square paving and other fields, supporting aerial stone floors, wood plastic antiseptic wooden floor keel and grille floor.

Universal support advantages: 1. easy installation, speed up the progress of the project; 2. light products, strong bearing capacity, high safety; 3. without destroying the landscape water, stone floor not Fanjian; 4. convenient pipe nozzle maintenance, clean the floor at the bottom of the debris; 5. height, free to adjust the position, enhance the appearance and accuracy; corrosion resistance and aging resistance, long service life of 6. materials; 7. environmental protection materials, Recyclable use.

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