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What are the measures to strengthen the virescence of the universal support
Jan 30, 2018

What are the measures to strengthen the greening? Yiwu Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized universal support company integrating R & D, design and production of high quality products and services. The company has international advanced production equipment and well-equipped production workshop.

First, the implementation of greening project construction procedures

The Waterscape fountain universal support not only helps to improve the level and quality of greening projects, but also facilitates the greening authorities to grasp the greening situation of the whole society, so as to make macro plans and carry out macro regulation and control in the whole city.

Two, implement the admittance system of the greening construction market

Waterscape fountain universal support, even small-scale greening project construction, also must have green construction qualification, no qualification, not allowed to engage in any greening project construction activities.

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