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Zhejiang Yiwu universal support manufacturer
Dec 19, 2017

Zhejiang Yiwu universal support manufacturer - the relationship between the support and the waterscape construction

Waterscape has become an essential element in people's life. The development of the times has given water breath to life and become the highlight of life. There are various waterscape everywhere, such as square, office building, residential community, garden and scenic spot, business center and pedestrian street. Waterscape can be divided into the fountain, mirror sink. And there are some waterfalls, streams, water curtain, overflow and various water states. The construction of waterscape is usually used in cement columns and in various forms of stone plates. At the same time also encounters some problems: Stone whiskering ("Bai Hua" phenomenon), pipeline installation and maintenance maintenance etc.. The universal support used modified PP material, waterproof, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance and long service life. The weight is light, but the weight is high and the safety is high. As a new building material, it has replaced the traditional way of building. The universal support is a kind of assembly product, which is convenient for construction and not affected by the weather, especially in the rain and snow days. The project will be completed in time and does not affect the construction period. 1, instead of cement column 2, easy to install and later maintenance 3, the overall effect of 4, the use of seams with separators, neat and beautiful, drainage convenient. At the same time the stone surface drainage performance, no obvious water stone surface, the overall landscape effect is prominent, no obvious efflorescence.

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