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Universal support for specific applications
Dec 22, 2017

The application of universal support can be broadly divided into: stone support; water features stone support; wood support; booth support.

1. Stone support - used in marble, garden stone laying Stone supporters, the marble and garden stone in the overhead state, you can quickly and easily buried pipeline and post-maintenance. The use of stone support stone surface drainage superior performance, no significant surface water stagnant water, the overall landscape outstanding.

2. Waterscape stone support - Landscape water landscape stone laying Landscape designer according to the design concept and requirements, combined with the use of stone size and shape support. The characteristics of high-density polypropylene material determines the supporter waterproof, anti-aging, service life and superior performance. In the landscape fountain, shallow pool, dry spray, water curtain wall to be widely used. Waterscape support is conducive to water features in the water pipes, lighting and other pipeline laying, while conducive to the installation and maintenance of building pipelines.

 3. Wood support - used in wooden flooring, garden landscape preservative wood laying for a variety of shapes and sizes of wooden flooring and garden landscape preservative wood laying. As the wood supporters convenient and quick construction, low installation costs, easy maintenance, while the floor and wood preservative easy to lay all kinds of construction pipeline, pipeline maintenance and thus be recommended by many landscape designers.

4. Stand support - stand for the construction of exhibition booth Stand support for all types of exhibition booth construction. Due to the convenient construction of the stand supporters, the low installation cost can simultaneously satisfy the requirements of a temporary stand and a permanent stand. The use of booth support booth laying booth fast, easy to remove and therefore widely used in indoor and outdoor stand structures. Because of the ease of construction of the temporary piping under the stand when using the stand support, the laying of the piping is quick and easy and can solve many practical problems in the field.

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