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Universal support (also called Adjustable Plastic Pedestal)
Oct 26, 2017

Construction of universal support system support is formed by Adjustable Plastic Pedestal parts we designed, is often called the "universal support of domestic stakeholders", also called "the frame can be Adjustable Plastic Pedestal", because of its stable physical properties and flexible and convenient, has been widely used in the field of architectural decoration and decoration for industrial applications, with the support of various sections of overhead plane.

Universal support system is derived from the German manufacturing innovative products, using the latest high density polypropylene with special components of raw materials, which has high strength, aging resistance, high temperature, corrosion resistance, long life and other features, widely used in indoor and outdoor air to frame engineering case in interlayer.

Main application of universal support system:

1. outdoor gardening projects in the preservation of wood or plastic wood floors.

2. marble plane laid

3. fountain waterscape project

4. application of rack height of various types of sheet metal

Compared with the traditional technology is widely used in the use of concrete pipeline laying is completed after loading the landfill leveling decorative surface layer, universal support system make it more simple and rapid, the laying of pipelines is more flexible and the construction progress more quickly, the most important is the maintenance maintenance convenience and reduce the damage, making it more for larger construction units and important projects.

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