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universal support
Dec 22, 2017

In foreign countries it is called: adjustable base or adjustable elevated base into the country is called the "universal support for" I don't know why, perhaps to call more fluently, perhaps to highlight its versatility, exaggeration certainly, but its use and benefits do many. First of all, the main raw material is PP - Polypropylene: high strength, aging resistance, long life, resistant to a variety of organic solvents and acid and alkali corrosion. It bears the harshest extreme weather and ultraviolet radiation, providing excellent stability. Moreover, green environmental protection, 100 percent recyclable, and the national energy-saving emission reduction, green environmental concept echoes. And its finished product: universal support, bearing strength and durable high, working temperature: from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. It is mainly used for construction and industrial use. Since 80s, it has been widely used in Europe and America and is popular. It was an innovative building product at that time. It has an accurate height adjustment, easy assembly, strong durability, free installation of the pipe system, good insulation performance and no freezing layer. It is used in many aspects such as: construction, wood floor terrace, landscape, Waterscape, wharf deck, roof garden, static water, fountain springs dry spray, wood preservative, overhead grille, air permeable plate garden, courtyard landscape and terrace, interactive dancing water fountain, roof insulation. The application of other places: the temporary stage of the indoor elevated floor (large activities and exhibitions), and the industrial floor. There are also: the laying of antiseptic wood in outdoor gardening engineering, the plane of marble, the overhead frame of various types of plank

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