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The main role of the support? What is the main type of bridge support?
Sep 11, 2017

The bridge bearing is an important structural part which connects the superstructure and the lower structure of the bridge. It can reliably transfer the reverse force and deformation (displacement and angle) of the superstructure of the bridge to the substructure of the bridge, so that the actual force of the structure is in accordance with the calculated theoretical schema.
A device for supporting the superstructure of a bridge on a pier platform. Its function is to fix the upper structure to the pier table, bearing the various forces acting on the superstructure and passing it reliably to the pier; under load, temperature, concrete shrinkage and creep, the support can adapt to the angle and displacement of the superstructure, so that the superstructure can be deformed freely without additional additional internal forces.
The structure of the bridge bearing should conform to the theoretical calculation schema of the superstructure, if the support pressure is passed through a fixed point, the bearing shall be designed to allow only the fixed support which can only be rotated by the end of the structure and cannot be moved; If the support pressure is passed through a fixed point and acting in a certain direction, it shall be designed as a movable bearing which can rotate and move. The beam type bridge bearing has the horizontal two-way fixed bearing (namely fixed support), the horizontal bidirectional movable support (or the bidirectional movable support), the level has always been fixed the movable bearing (namely active support) three kinds, its arrangement according to the bridge width is determined. In the narrow bridge, it is generally only required to move freely along the driving direction, and the transverse deformation of the superstructure is larger in the wide bridge.

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