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The advantages of the support
Sep 11, 2017

The advantages of the support

1. Green support for the main material for the production of polypropylene, 100% recyclable.

2. The load-bearing high support device can carry a weight of more than 1 tons, so it can be applied in a wide range of fields.

3. Physical properties of the stability of the support apparatus has good insulation, anti-aging, long life, strength and stability of physical properties, strong weather resistance, not affected by the surrounding environment, hot and cold, humid, applicable to a wide range of environment.

4. Fast installation, maintenance of the convenience of the support to change the traditional concrete pouring, effectively shorten the process, at the same time to improve the maintenance of the embedded pipeline.

5. The reduction of building load-bearing support replaces the traditional pouring with a higher solid weight, effectively reducing the weight of buildings and buildings.

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