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Technology of universal Support device
Sep 11, 2017

The support is composed of an adjustable base and a rotatable joint, in the middle of which is an elevated piece, which can increase the height and rotate the thread to adjust the desired altitude. Its main accessories are separators, gaskets and keel bracket.

Before installation:

1, Product ground installation requirements: Before the construction requirements of the ground relative leveling do not appear local high-low fluctuation phenomenon, cement ground matte smooth.

2, each component threaded requirements: Rotation around the components can be adjusted to the required height, pay attention to not spinning too tightly or spin out the indicator range.

3, adjust the gradient: the first to find the slope to adjust to 4% and then find the slope of 4% arrow to adjust to the direction of the slope, and then the overall pavement in accordance with the previous adjustment to find the slope in turn.

When installing:

1, according to the requirements of the design and construction of the height adjustment, the installation of Stone gap width is a "separate piece" control adjustment, fine-tuned stone high and low gasket adjustment.

2, the application of the separation of skills: mainly for the stone left seam, in order to drain water and storage. In the case of different construction conditions can be split. According to the design requirements, the use of different pieces of the separator size, at the same time separator is detachable, encountered different construction conditions can be split.

3, the application of the gasket: the installation of stone because of the thickness of the stone processing accuracy is uneven, there may be a high fluctuation phenomenon. At this point can adjust the height of the support, if not, can be fine-tuned through the gasket. Gaskets can be split, used for local adjustment of the height of stone.

4, the application of the chassis: Chassis installation encountered special circumstances can be cut off in accordance with the cutting line redundant parts, such as: corner.

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