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Roof roof renovation--stone support
Sep 11, 2017

The support is a new type of building material introduced from Europe, which is made up of adjustable base and swivel joint, and the middle is a high elevation piece, which can increase the height of the higher part and rotate the thread to adjust the desired altitude.

Stone support-used in marble, garden stone laying:

What effect does this have?

1, the use of stone support, stone in the elevated state, you can easily and quickly buried pipelines and later maintenance.

2, the use of stone props after the surface of the stone drainage performance is superior, stone surface no obvious water, the overall landscape effect is outstanding.

Compared with the traditional craft cement pier and brick masonry, the stone support apparatus has the following advantages:

1, install fast, beautiful, save installation time and labor costs. Factory assembled, straight hair site, only to adjust to the appropriate height.

2, position and height can be adjusted according to the construction situation, leveling easy, paving convenient.

3, light weight, but high load, high safety, significantly reduce the weight of buildings and buildings: to make the building structure in substantial cost reduction. The use of modified PP materials, high strength, light quality.

4, the material green Environmental protection, may recycle uses.

5, solve the abrupt change design, the construction is not affected by the weather.

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