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Introduction of universal Support device
Sep 11, 2017

The universal support system is constructed from the support of the various parts of our adjustable base, often referred to as "universal support", also known as "adjustable support base", because of its physical stability and flexible and convenient, is widely used in building decoration and industrial applications, to support a variety of overhead plane profiles.
Universal support systems are innovative products from Germany, using the latest high-density poly-propylene to add special ingredients of raw materials manufacturing, so that it has high strength, anti-aging, high temperature and low temperature, corrosion resistance, long life and many other characteristics, a wide range of applications in the indoor and outdoor needs of the aerial compartment of the engineering case.

Universal Support System main applications:
1. The laying of antiseptic wood or WPC flooring in outdoor gardening works.
2. Marble Surface Laying
3. Fountain Waterscape Project
4. Various types of plate rack high Application

Compared with the traditional technology is generally used after the completion of the pipeline laying after the use of concrete landfill leveling layer, the universal support system to make all this easier and faster, the laying of pipelines more flexible, construction progress is faster, the most important thing is the convenience of late maintenance and repair damage reduction, To make it more widely larger construction units and important projects to use.

Product Features:
The support system for industrial applications involves the basic fields of natural stone, wood bricks, paving bricks or decorative traditional items. The universal support system has a strong and solid function that makes it a first choice for applications other than steel, fiberglass or other decorative industries. Universal support is very durable, waterproof, to provide a superior drainage system for engineering, wide range of applications, including ventilation wells, air-conditioning, power pipelines, gas and water pipelines.

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