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How is the universal support fixed?
Dec 19, 2017

How is the universal support fixed?

How is the universal support fixed? How is the universal support fixed? The builders of many fountain landscape projects do not know how to fix the support on the ground when they use the universal bracer to build the stone floor.

The fixing method of the universal support is divided into three kinds: the height of the 1. supports is less than 400mm, and no fixation can be made. Universal support for the Moon Bay bottom base diameter is 220mm, can be placed directly on the ground. Every stone floor that is built up will be extruded by eight adjacent floors and cannot move, so the support will not be dumped. 2., if the support height is greater than 400mm, cement mortar will be used to place the finished support base on the ground. Because the bottom of the fountain landscape basically has a waterproof layer, so you can't screw it, and the screws will destroy the waterproof layer.


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