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Comparison of universal support and traditional process
Jan 12, 2018

Comparison of universal support and traditional process

Before building support, when building squares or fountains, marble, granite and other stones are usually used. Laying stones is usually done by soil or cement compaction or cement placement. What's the change after the support?

1. The cost is reduced and the time limit is shortened. The traditional technology has large amount and high cost. And the cement needs time to solidify, and it needs special maintenance. In the event of a rainy day, the time limit is delayed. The universal support is low in cost and high in height, so it can be installed. It is less affected by the weather and can be installed on rainy days.

2, the height is convenient, the universal support is composed of adjustable base and rotatable joint, among which is the heighten part, which can increase the heighten part, and adjust the height that it wants by rotating thread. It can be installed in any position, only the ground is smooth. And the traditional cement pouring, the height is not easy to control, too high too low, will be very troublesome.

3, the beautiful traditional craft, the laying height undulating, the gap between the stone and the stone, should spend the manual inspection. The universal support is divided into seams with separate pieces to ensure the beauty and unity of the whole. When paving, the level instrument is used to adjust the higher parts or cushion gaskets to reduce the error and to ensure the smooth.

4, the drainage water storage supports the stone frame, there is a lot of space under water storage, and the separators leave seams, the stone surface drainage is superior, no obvious water accumulation.

5, Bai Hua phenomenon overhead stone, stone and cement to avoid direct contact with the ground, thereby enabling to avoid efflorescence.

6, the maintenance and maintenance of the traditional technology, pipeline maintenance is more troublesome, very labor, and time and building materials. If the universal support is adopted, only the stone plate is opened, it is quick and convenient, and the cost can be saved.

7. The main material of environmental support is modified PP, which has high bearing capacity and long life. It can be used in various environments and can be recycled

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