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Classification of seismic support for bridges
Sep 11, 2017

respectively, according to the possibility of deformation, the materials used, the structure of the form of three types of classification.

Classification of deformation probability of a bridge seismic bearing
1) fixed bearing;
2) One-way movable support;
3) Multi-directional movable bearing.

Classification of materials used for seismic support of bridges
1. Steel Support: Flat bearing, curved bearing, rocker bearing, roller bearing.
2. whether with sliding capacity to divide the support: sliding bearing, fixed bearing.
3. Rubber BEARING: plate rubber bearing (including four fluorine skateboard plate rubber bearing), basin type rubber bearing, lead rubber bearing, high damping rubber bearing.

Classification of structural forms of seismic support for three-way bridges
1) ARC Bearing
2) Rocker BEARING
3) Roller Bearing
4) Plate rubber bearing and four fluorine layout rubber bearing
5) basin Type rubber Bearing
6) Spherical steel Bearing
7) tensile pressure bearing and so on.

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