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Application range of universal support
Sep 11, 2017

Application range of universal support:

Universal support can be adapted to various types of laying conditions, the support system can be used on the relatively flat surface of any material.

1. Marble, Stone laying
Because the marble, stone surface in the decoration has different types of patterns and shape and size design, the universal support can be used according to the design adjustment to make it use various shapes; marble, stone installation replacement is different from the traditional paving, can be very convenient to carry out, through the support system of the separation module, to bring excellent drainage performance, Prevent water on the surface of stone, speed up drying speed; After the use of universal support, marble, stone in the overhead state, buried pipelines and later repair and rectification more convenient;

2. Waterscape Project Application
It can be used according to the shape and size of the tile and other materials in the Waterscape project. The decorative materials of different materials can be used after the support system is mixed; excellent waterproof and anti-aging physical properties, so that the support system in Waterscape project use more easily; specially recommended for use in the water spray landscape, pool, dry pool, shallow pool, stage, bonsai, Natural, water curtain and other fountain types can be effectively and quickly used; installation and maintenance of water pipes, lighting and other application facilities in Waterscape engineering

3. Laying of WPC Flooring
With the universal support of the keel components, can be effectively used in outdoor gardening in the construction of plastic wood frame, through 5% of the slope adjustment structure and different height combinations, effectively help the building of wood flooring.

4. Platform, Booth Construction
Universal support can be reused, to adapt to various types of exhibition booth to build and rebuild, to reduce costs; Through the support system can quickly build and dismantle platform booth; the booth and platform of various load shape design can be easily constructed by universal support; It is convenient to construct the temporary line under the booth platform. By using the transparent base of universal support, it can be combined with glass floor and lighting effect.

5. Floor Support Laying
Applicable to various types of industrial flooring, large-scale floor of the laying, fast and convenient, while reducing costs; due to the excellent weatherability, can be used with most industrial flooring laying area;

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