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Adjustable Plastic Pedestal Applications
Apr 13, 2018

Adjustable pedestals are suitable for a wide range of surface platforms such as stone, marble and granite tiles, timber decking, water features, temporary platforms and industrial flooring. Each pedestal can give a perfectly level finish by using the slope corrector device which has settings from 0-5% gradient and is capable of tolerating loads of up to 2000kg. It can be used on any substrate including concrete screed, warm roof systems, waterproof membranes, felt and rubber. There is also a choice of spacing between tiles of 2,3,5 and 10mm and services such as water and electricity can be run between the substrate and surface. Individual application features include:

1.Stone, Marble and Granite Tiles

Stone, marble and granite tiles can be customised into shapes for complex, seamless and continuous designs, tiles can be easily removed for access and repairs and the gaps provide natural drainage, keeping areas clean and puddle free.

2. Water Features and Fountain

Water features create a stunning outlook for any domestic or commercial building and the pedestal system incorporates varied gaps between stone tiles to achieve the desired input or output of flow.

3.Timber Decking

The timber decking systems can combine various types of timber and stone and the joists are fixed to joist cradles. Pre-fabricated deck tiles are fixed using a deck tile screw and washer kit and complex, seamless and continuous designs can be incorporated with no need for drains or grills.

4. Temporary Platforms

Temporary platforms can be used in offices and exhibitions to provide raised areas. The pedestals are completely reusable, easy to install and dismantle and can incorporate complex and creative designs. Transparent polycarbonate pedestals allow designers to create stunning Perspex flooring with lighting.

5.Industrial Flooring

Many industrial areas require raised platforms. Pedestals offer superior resistance to the majority of chemicals, excellent drainage and durability and easy access to substrate and services.

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