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About the things you care about in the bridge support
Sep 11, 2017

As the key construction part of the load transfer from the superstructure to the pier, the bridge bearing needs to be able to adapt to the displacement caused by the factors such as live load, temperature change, coagulation shrinkage and creep, so that the actual force of the upper and lower structure conforms to the design calculation. The selection of its types and specifications, the factors to be considered include bridge span, fulcrum reverse force, requirements for building height, the need to adapt to unidirectional and multi-directional displacements and displacement, as well as the need for shock and shock absorption.

Design of bridge support: Bearing design should consider the premature damage and service life of the bearing in principle, ensure the longitudinal and transverse deformation requirements of the beam, and reduce the additional internal force. As far as bearing capacity is concerned, the basic of the bearing force is larger than that of the base and the basin-type support is chosen to ensure the rationality of the bearing range in design. But there are some problems in some design, the main problems and suggestions are as follows:
One, the mountainous area highway longitudinal slope larger section length is too big, to the bearing force is disadvantageous, proposed the appropriate control union long, if cannot avoid, may adjust the bearing specification. Some mountainous highways have found the widespread deformation of the bearing too large and premature damage;
Second, considering the influence of the longitudinal slope of the bridge, the four-fluorine plate rubber bearing of the bridge should be laid on the side of the uphill, and as far as possible to ensure the horizontal setting, mainly in order to avoid beam to the downhill end of the expansion of the joint to adversely affect. This kind of phenomenon is found in the premature failure of the expansion joints of many large longitudinal slope bridges.
Third, bending bridge design should pay attention to the selection of the type of support, in order to meet the requirements of stress and deformation of beam, reduce the additional internal force, the general arrangement of multi-directional bearing, bridge basin-type support, fixed bearing layout should be carefully selected according to structural analysis;
Four, for the single Pillar Pier Bridge, in recent years because the bearing problem has a large impact and tend to adopt the single column double bearing form, this although avoids the bearing transverse deflection caused by the problem, but in the design should be further refined. For wide-bridge and curved-bridge pier, it is possible that the spacing of the bearing can not meet the requirement of transverse force of the superstructure, and the same pier may be selected according to the structural stress.

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