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2018 Xiamen Stone Exhibition
Feb 16, 2018

From March 2018 6 to March 9, 2018 was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition area of 180000 square meters. The Xiamen Stone Fair after 17 years of development, has become the world's largest exhibition, the largest number of exhibitors professional stone exhibition, is highly concerned by the global stone and related industries, is to open up the market, purchase products, to meet customer to discuss cooperation, a one-stop international trading platform, is the global stone circle of friends.

The successful holding of Xiamen stone exhibition is Xiamen's "International Stone Center" which has become the global stone industry. It has promoted the sustained and vigorous development of South Fujian's economy and the progress of exhibition industry.

On the one hand, the development of Xiamen International Stone Exhibition relies on the strong industrial foundation and huge business opportunities of stone industry in Southern Fujian. Combined with Xiamen's unique location advantages and numerous stone enterprises, it has become a strong backing for rapid development of stone exhibition for many years. On the other hand, Xiamen Stone Fair successfully held every year, the stone enterprises in Xiamen and the surrounding areas have favorable conditions to develop domestic and international market in the "home", timely and comprehensive grasp of the overall level of the present situation and development of global stone mining, technical equipment, product design and application development, reduced Xiamen stone enterprises with the international gap, and constantly improve the industry's influence. Through summarizing the successful mode of Xiamen exhibition, and on the basis of improving innovation, Xiamen also has accumulated rich experience in organizing exhibitions, is conducive to the full use of local advantages, cultivate more specialties exhibition, stimulate the economy, towards the "International Exhibition City" big step.

The Xiamen stone exhibition is ready in 2018. What kind of event will be a grand meeting? We look forward to your visit!

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